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Our biggest social event yet! Actors Pro Expo 2023

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

Both Feet isn't a company that's growing, it's a community. We're dedicated to changing the narrative - You don’t need to “suffer” for your art. We want to work with you to change that mentality. We are actors, we are humans, we are more than the parts we play. We want to show actors and creatives that there IS another way. You don't need to break yourself down to build up a character. Let us show you a new way of working. A new way of feeling about yourself. Value yourself as much as your craft. Both Feet isn’t just actor training. A community that we can believe in, a space people can call home. This is because it’s more than training. It’s every single one of you and all that you are, both on and off the stage. So, to spread the word, I've done something a little scary...
For the first time ever, I'll be speaking at Actors Expo Pro in London on Saturday 11th Feb at 155 Bishops Gate, EC2M3YD (by Liverpool Street Station) and I'd love it if you'd consider coming along to listen (or join online). My seminar is about your Inner Critic and how to form a new relationship with it so it no longer dictates how your story goes.
I'll be there all day talking about what Both Feet is, and explaining about our Meisner based training which is grounded in a new trust formed approach. Did you know our retreats are the only training of its kind in the world? I'll talk about the kinds of training we offer, what those courses are and what they give you and most importantly why they're different from anything you've done before. I'll talk about the freedom of practicing connection from a paddle board on the white waters of North of Wales and how breaking down the barriers and confines of an interior space can transform your thinking and intuition. Come along and learn about how it's possible to transfer that feeling of freedom the great outdoors gives us and how to harness that every time you connect with a character. We're taking bold new steps and we want to take you with us.


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