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Who are we?

We are a UK based actor training company that offers training in London, Manchester and Leeds.  In addition we offer actors training retreats at our stunning custom built studio and accommodation space in the rolling hills of North Wales. We teach in a revolutionary way.  

Seeing the need for a new way of training, Steph has created this method utilising neuro linguistics, neuro science and the great outdoors combined with her training in Meisner to help actors find a greater trust within themselves, an inner calm and tools in order to ensure they leave with a toolbox with tools for a happy, healthy and meaningful career. 

Our teaching is Meisner based but with a foundation in self awareness and trust. This is because we believe that the entertainment industry isn't currently built to promote positive mental health and "suffer for your art" is a considered norm and we want to show actors that doesn't have to be the case.

What is The Meisner Technique?

The Meisner technique is an actor training approach created by the American theatre practitioner Sanford Meisner. 

The approach is designed to teach actors to shift their attention away from themselves and out into the people and world around them. 

The Meisner Technique teaches you how to work moment to moment. Once you discover the power of the moment you'll discover what it really is to be free. Free of expectations. Free of your inner critic. Free of your fear of failure. Free of your fear of judgement. Because as quickly as the moment arises, it's gone and we're into another moment. Discovering this technique can also have a profound affect on how you view yourself and the world around you. 

Both Feet Actor doing Meisner exercise

How is our technique a bit different?

Everyone teaches this work differently, of course they do, because no one is Sanford Meisner apart from Sandy himself but there are some key principles that I'd like to believe go wherever the training is:

  • Listen with your heart (connection) and your belly (impulse and intuition).

  • Learning to be better at seeing and listening

  • the most important thing about me, is you

  • What happens to me depends on you

  • It's not about the past or the future,it's about the now

  • The foundation of acting is the reality of doing

Stephanie Morgan teaching Meisner class in Studio in Wales

These Meisner teachings are still key to our training but we integrate mental health support and wellness to give actors a foundation in self awareness and trust.  Steph is an INLPTA certified Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, HeartMath Coach and an mBIT (multiple Brain Integration Techniques) Master Coach - where neuroscience backs up ancient wisdoms. She integrates all her training into her teaching practice to fuel her passion for creating healthy and happy actors.​  


We believe in Human First, Actor Second and believe when you build up the human, the actor flourishes.

Why is continued training so important?

Our training is designed for actors with a fire in their belly: working actors, early career actors, actors who have come to acting later in life or have other jobs and can't commit to a prolonged course. We want training to be accessible. Our training isn't the kind of training where you come to a course and we never see you again (that's totally up to you though).  

Acting muscles are like any other muscles, they need to be stretched, used, utilised. Just like your house, sometimes you've been busy, had too much going on, your heads really busy, your body tired. We're here to help you recenter yourself. 

So, whether you're a full time actor or part of the 98% of actors who work in other industries too, we're here for you.  We want you.  The industry needs your voice.

What can you do with us?

We teach in multiple ways too ensure our training is accessible to as many of you as possible

In person

Intro to Meisner

2 day

London, Leeds

& Manchester

Actors holding each other
Actors on the moors laughing

Intro to Meisner


Bodlondeb Retreat


Barbara Houseman teaching in studio in Wales

Actor Training


Bodlondeb Retreat


Adam Stadius Drama school auditions

Specialist Workshops

Co-founder Adam Stadius is running Audition Courses this Feb

Actor Headshot by James Green


London, Leeds

& Manchester

Both Feet actors reading text Meisner


Regionally &

Bodlondeb Retreat


Bodlondeb Studio in North Wales

Studio &

Accommodation hire

Bodlondeb Retreat


Bodlondeb's Hold Yourself Lightly artwork




Headshot Andrea Heaton by James Green



Stephanie Morgan teaching Meisner class in Studio in Wales



Stephanie Morgan smiling

Consulting &

speaking engagements

Stephanie Morgan smiling

Both Feet
Actor Training


Both Feet actors working on a scene from Birdland

Book Steph for

Casting Referrals

How to become a member of the Both Feet Acting Community?

Training Level

What you have access to?

No Both Feet Training

Intro to Meisner 2 day

Intro to Meisner Retreat

  • Intro to Meisner 1-2 day

  • An Actor Connects Retreat (12 day or 3 day)

  • Any course or retreat titled "Open to ALL"

  • Bodlondeb Accountability Programme

  • 1:1 and Group Coaching

  • An Actor Connects Retreat (12 day or 3 day) 

  • Any course or retreat titled "Open to ALL"

  • Bodlondeb Accountability Programme

  • 1:1 and Group Coaching

Everything Both Feet Actor Training has to offer and exclusive membership to the Both Feet Actor Training Community group

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