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Meet the Both Feet

We can't take credit for the successes of the actors  who work with us but

we can say we are incredibly proud that they allowed us to be part of their journey.

What is the Both Feet community? 
This isn't the kind of training where you come along, take a course and there is no interaction beyond that.  This is a creative community that supports each other, relies on each other, gives and receives advice on a daily basis whether it's "what do you think or this headshot?" or "if anyone's looking for a show to watch tonight, mine is on" and much more, here are some of the things you get when joining The Both Feet Family:  

Our newest members

This incredible, creative, talented & dedicated group have just completed the full

12 day Intro to Meisner Retreat. 

 It’s been challenging, everyone has leapt out of their comfort zones and into this truly unique and enriching technique.

Now they’re ready to walk forward in their careers with a deeper understanding of themselves and more importantly, a deeper trust.  

Trust brings safety and we’re dedicated to showing actors like these and like you that actors shouldn’t have to suffer for their art. 

Both Feet Alumni

The actors below have completed our foundation training and many do our regular continued training courses.  

This is just a small sampling of the actors we are lucky enough to have worked with.  

Both Feet community, if you want us to add you to this page, send your details and headshot to

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