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 Know Yourself with Enneagram Retreat 

For Actors, Writers & Makers
"The Enneagram Retreat was nothing short of life-changing.
Hen & Steph's nurturing approach helped me feel safe to explore parts of my personality that previously seemed hidden or opaque. 
It left me with a lasting confidence in my ability to be more present in my work and my relationships."

What is "Know Yourself with Enneagram"?

To understand your mind and the thought process of others we use The Enneagram. The Enneagram is a powerful model for understanding the archetypal patterns of human nature. A blend of modern psychology and ancient insights, it has profound depth, and can be thought of as a developmental map of 9 interconnected personality types. 


This collaborative retreat blends Stephanie’s exceptional skills in coaching and developing creative professionals, with Henrie’s deep study and long experience of applying and teaching The Enneagram. This deep and gentle journey will give you a richer understanding of yourself, and your creative process. It will also ease stress and can transform even long-standing blocks, and insecurities.  It will allow you to dive deeply in to the psyche of characters, whether you are writing them, playing them, directing or creating them.

What does it mean for...


• Know how to fully integrate into a character without struggling with yourself.

• Calmer auditioning, extending your casting bracket, finding a more embodied and truthful character

• Bring grounding & presence to your work by knowing yourself deeply and trusting yourself and your skills.


• Balance your creativity with analysis without drifting into self doubt and procrastination.

• Become disciplined without becoming tense.

• Quiet your inner critic and be able to write regardless of what your own life is throwing at you.

• A new  way to create character


• Learn how to make deeply congruent choices even when time is limited.

• Learn how to calm imposter syndrome and fully trust yourself creatively

• Feel equipped no matter the circumstances

• Gain certainty, clarity, calm in a practical & supportive environment.

What you get

The only training of its kind in the world


The Benefits


Increased Self-Awareness

The Enneagram provides a detailed map of nine different personality types, each with its own patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving. By identifying your Enneagram type, you gain deep insights into your habitual tendencies, motivations, fears, and desires. This heightened self-awareness is a crucial first step towards being present in the moment.


Breaking Automatic Patterns

Many people operate on autopilot, reacting to situations based on ingrained habits and conditioned responses. The Enneagram sheds light on these automatic patterns by highlighting the specific ways each personality type tends to react. With this awareness, individuals can interrupt and break free from these automatic responses, making room for more conscious and intentional choices.


Understanding Core Motivations:

The Enneagram goes beyond surface-level behaviors and helps individuals understand the core motivations driving their actions. Recognizing these underlying motivations allows individuals to be more mindful of their choices and responses, fostering a greater sense of presence as they navigate various situations.


Managing Stress and Anxiety

The Enneagram not only identifies each type's strengths but also highlights their specific challenges and stress points. By understanding how stress manifests for your Enneagram type, you can develop strategies to manage anxiety and stay present in challenging situations. This self-awareness contributes to emotional resilience.


Embracing Mindfulness Practices

The Enneagram encourages the practice of mindfulness, emphasising the importance of staying present no matter what comes up. We'll explore mindfulness techniques and breath awareness to help individuals ground themselves in the present and observe their thoughts and emotions without judgment.


Compassion for Self and Others

The Enneagram fosters empathy and compassion by revealing the diversity of personality types and the unique challenges each type faces. As individuals gain a better understanding of their own struggles and those of others, they can approach themselves and others with greater compassion, leading to more authentic and present interactions.


Integration of Growth Paths

The Enneagram not only identifies personality types but also outlines paths of growth and integration for each type. Engaging in the work of personal development and following the growth path specific to your type facilitates a journey towards becoming a more balanced, present, and whole individual.


Mind-Body Connection

The Enneagram recognises that personality is not solely a mental construct but is also expressed through the body. Paying attention to bodily sensations and understanding how emotions manifest physically can contribute to a more integrated mind-body connection, promoting a holistic sense of presence.

What you get

The only training of its kind in the world

Who are we?

Dr Henrie Lidiard Enneagram for actors makers and writers_edited.jpg

Dr Henrie Lidiard

Henrie has worked in depth with the Enneagram for over 20 years. She's also the magnificent human who trained Steph in Neuro Linguistic Programming and mBIT.


"Dr. Henrie Lidiard is one of the finest NLP Master Trainers in the world. ​She combines her scientific rigour and precision with an exciting and energizing teaching style.
​She is one of the leading authorities in NLP on working with physiology.

- Dr Wyatt Woodsmall (Co-Founder of INLPTA)

Stephanie Morgan

Stephanie Morgan

Steph is a INLPTA certified Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner, mBIT (Multiple Brain Integration Techniques) Master Coach and HeartMath Coach. 

She also specialises in the Meisner Technique which is a training technique designed to guide actors out of their heads and into the present moment so they can be grounded, impulsive, instinctual and honest. 

Are you ready to
let go of the stories,
bust open your box and
discover what it is to
handle more bliss?

Let's Do It!

Mar 09, 2025, 5:00 PM
  • You'll be staying in our custom built studio and retreat nestled in the rolling Welsh countryside.


  • ​Sleeping up to twelve people, our accommodation is the perfect place to relax and bond with your group.   

  • We have a patio garden and balcony for moments of calm and boundless countryside to explore.  

  • Want to find out more about the accommodation?  Click here! 

  • Getting here is easier than you think. You can drive or we can help with car sharing / collection from Chester/Ruabon if someone's not passing your route. And the T10 bus stops right outside our door!

Both feet rehearsal studio.jpg
  • How do I get to my Both Feet Actor Training Retreat?
    It's easier to get to us than you think! All our retreats are run from our home base Bodlondeb Studio & Retreat: Bodlondeb Studio & Retreat Dinmael, Corwen, LL21 0NY You can get here by plane, train, bus or car - Good to know: In order to ensure all retreat participants can have as much fun as possible, we try to encourage roughly three - four people from each group to drive. Often groups under this number will come together and hire a car for the period to allow flexibility. (This can be confirmed the week prior to your retreat when your groups WhatsApp chat group is created.)
  • What should I bring?
    Rest assured that a week before your retreat you'll be sent a Welcome Pack with all the information you'll need. Within that there is a full packing list. However, if you want to get ahead... Decent solid footwear for outdoor walking Decent footwear for wet outdoor activities (no crocs for Stand Up Paddleboarding, coasteering or canyoning where relevant) Wet shoes/crocs or trainers that you are prepared to get wet are suggested if you're coming wild swimming (they make the walk in kinder). Lightweight clothing such as leggings/shorts/joggers, t-shirt/synthetic top/fleece - We always advise having many layers available to you. Waterproof jacket/trousers (weather depending). Swimwear (and a little wet clothes bag) Wet shoes/crocs or trainers for swimming if relevant Hoodies, jumpers or fleeces Small rucksack Towels - Shower one and swim one Indoor studio shoes if you’d rather have footwear on in the studio. Hat, gloves and scarf (weather depending) Consider what you'll need if one set is drying out... Must haves… Bath towel & towel for activities where relevant Any special food requirements Bottle of water Notepad & pen General suggestions Slippers & PJs Suncream (I’m being hopeful!) Insect repellent Cash for washing machine Most forgotten items: Note pad and pen, waterproofs, towels, swimming stuff inc. shoes, walking boots and trainers.
  • Will I get down time?
    Yes! All our courses and retreats are created to are designed to allow you some free time and reflection time.
  • Do you provide meals and can you accommodate my dietary requirements?
    When you sign up for a retreat you'll be given the opportunity to inform us of any dietary requirements and medical conditions we should be aware of. In terms of food/meals... Retreats under 2 days: Your food will be provided in line with yours and the groups dietary requirements. Retreats over 2 days: We provide your first meal for your arrival day and a welcome breakfast for your first morning in line with the groups dietary requirements. It is the groups responsibility to put in a group food order for your retreats meals. There is time scheduled in to do this upon arrival however, you may wish to this order through in advance.
  • I have additional needs. Can you accommodate them?
    If you feel you have additional needs, contact Steph and we can work through it together.
  • Where can I find more frequently asked questions?
    Simply click here and you'll find our full extended list of FAQs
  • Where can I find the terms and conditions?
    Click here to read our full list of terms and conditions.
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