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and Conditions

Our classes and retreats run with small group sizes in order to ensure the intimate quality of training we offer and cancellations can have a large impact. Therefore we have to honour our Terms & Cancellation policy - it is the only way for us to keep our training viable and offering you the quality training and experience you deserve. However, we know balancing your life as an actor is difficult and we will always do our best to support you.



  1. Both a completed online booking form and payment are required for your place to be reserved. If payment (deposit or full) has not been received within 24 hours your place will be automatically released.



  1. Both Feet appreciate that meeting the cost of classes and retreats may be difficult at times. Therefore at a considerable risk to us, we offer the opportunity to pay in installments. Unless stated, you can choose a 3 or 6 month plan and in some instances we can create a bespoke option for you.
    Please note that the Ts&Cs still apply.

  2. In some cases paying in installments will raise the overall cost of the course. 

  3. Failure to pay any fees due will result in the immediate suspension of your right to attend any training or to participate in any of Both Feet's projects. Both Feet will pursue payment of any outstanding fees. 

  4. Installment plans will be based on the full price of the course, not the Early Bird discounted rate. 

  5. Both Feet will often run an Early Bird discount which will be stated clearly on the website. Full payment must be made by the Early Bird date to be eligible for the discount. If the full amount has not been paid by this date, you will be expected to pay the full payable amount in order to attend the training.


  1. Cancellations by you

1.1 Retreats


10+ weeks ahead = Full refund minus 8% service fee
8-10 weeks ahead = 50% refund
0-8 weeks ahead = No refund


Where we’ve agreed for you to pay in installments, we are doing this in good faith. You will still have to adhere to the above terms and Both Feet will pursue payment of any outstanding fees.


1.2 Day classes

4+weeks ahead = Full refund minus 8% service fee

0-4 weeks = No refund


There may be some courses where it’s acceptable for you to find someone to take your place if you can no longer make it. Get in touch to discuss this option.


   2. Transfers or class credits

2.1 One-time Transfer: Transfers are offered at our discretion and based on if we can fill your place. If this is agreed to, you are allowed to transfer your booking once. Once you have requested the transfer, you are no longer eligible for any refund, and you cannot transfer your booking again. Transfer must be within 12 months.


2.2 Class Credit: Also offered at our discretion and based on if we can fill your place. Credit must be used within 12 months.


NOTE: a transfer to another session or the redemption of a class credit constitutes a new contract with us and therefore the same cancellation policy and notice period applies. A transfer to another session is considered to be the redemption of a class credit and therefore has no inherent cash value, therefore transfers and class credits are not eligible for cash refunds. 


   3. Cancellations by us

3.1. If we have to cancel a course for any reason you will have the choice for a full refund or a place on the next course. Once you’ve agreed your place on the next course in writing, you will be adhering to the usual Terms and Conditions as laid out in this document. 

3.2. Both Feet cannot be liable for any costs you incur from a cancelled class/course such as travel or accommodation. We recommend you choose options with a flexible cancellation/refund policy and/or get travel insurance.

Expectations & conduct: 

  1. If you are going to be late or are unable to attend a class, you must inform Both Feet before the class begins, by email or if urgent, by phone. 

  2. If you fail to inform Both Feet of a lateness or absence prior to the beginning of class on three occasions, you may forfeit your right to attend any classes, workshops and projects with Both Feet without any refund of fees. 

  3. Both Feet reserves the right to terminate your participation at the discretion of the class practitioner or any of the Both Feet's team if you are deemed to have been  'disruptive'. Under these circumstances any remaining fees paid and not yet committed, will not be refunded except in exceptional circumstances as agreed with Both Feet. 


Retreats: Both Feet Retreats use Bodlondeb Studio & Retreat Terms & Conditions. By agreeing to Both Feet’s Terms & Conditions, you are also confirming that you have read and agree to those too.


In order to state in any professional capacity - eg. CV, biography, Spotlight or other Casting Network - that you have trained at Both Feet with any of our core staff or visiting  practitioners, you must have completed all hours involved in the course you've signed on for. If you are unsure, please contact us.


Both Feet may take photos during the class and use them on social media and/or website. Please let Both Feet know if you do not want to be in these photos.

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