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Both Feet

We want the arts industry to be a level playing field so we strive to do whatever we can to help breach the gap of inequality in our industry.

This industry deeply needs your voice and your presence and we'd love to be a part of supporting and guiding you through refining your craft. 

How it works

Each scholarship is awarded on an application basis where we will select the submission based on your circumstances and commitment to the training. Our scholarships are a big investment for us as we only work with small class sizes and there is a cost to us every time, so we ask that you only apply if you are in need of the financial help. 

All we ask in return is your commitment to the course dates and that you write/film a blog at the end of the process to reflect on your experience of the training.

To be eligible for any of our training, you must be seriously working towards your acting career.

How to apply

It couldn't be easier. Simply fill in the below forms which include an equality section and asks you to specify the course or retreat you're applying for a scholarship to. 

Please note: Scholarship deadlines are eight weeks before the retreat in question (unless otherwise stated) so ensure to state the retreat date as well as the retreat title. Thank you so much and we can't wait to meet you. all! 

Both Feet Actor community

What happens next?

We take scholarships very seriously because we can only afford to do a few so we want to ensure that places are going to people who passionately want to invest and maximise the opportunity.

We will read all applications and narrow them down and then if you're a finalist, you'll receive an e-mail asking you to send a short video to say why you want the place.  If you need help, advice or have any questions, please send us a message via the contact box below.

Words from our last scholarship recipient
- Daisy Grace Smith - Intro to Meisner

"My experience at both feet acting was something I never expected. We were welcomed in with open arms, and I instantly felt a connection to the space and the people. I loved that we cooked and ate together, cried and laughed together. I’ve made memories I will never forget. I pushed myself beyond limits I didn’t even realise I had. There was lots of challenges and I had to look in the mirror and see every part of myself, even the ones I have hated for so long. But Steph showed us how to embrace this and use it to create magic! The exercises I have done with Steph have left me completely open to myself and my capabilities. The Meisner technique is truly incredible and will change the way you work as an actor for the better. Even in the smallest of situations I find myself using what I learnt on the course, and I have never felt more supported to continue my journey as an actor with all I have learnt from Steph. Not only did I leave a better actor, I left as an even better version of myself that I am so proud of. This wouldn’t have been possible without Steph and the intro to Meisner Course. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I am forever grateful for this experience." 
Words from previous scholarships
Scholarships and discounts_edited_edited
"All Steph does is give, give, give and all you do is gain, gain gain. It is the most thrilling, expansive, integrated training I have experienced or heard of. I will be returning again and again as my career progresses. This has to be the BEST training around for actors working today."
Want to read Pauline's blog?  Click here.

Pauline Tomlin, Actor

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Do you want to sponsor a place for a deserving actor?

We want to be able to give as many scholarship places as possible to try and breakdown the barriers of all types of inequality.   We offer full scholarships, half scholarships and part scholarships to courses, classes and retreats. At present over 90% of the places we offer are funded by Both Feet which is a very small company.  We want to do more.  If you want to help Both Feet in our efforts in any small way, it could go a long way to helping deserving actors from all backgrounds gaining access to high quality, affordable training.  

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