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Make a life changing contribution

"I don't just want us to reach a hand behind

us to help people

up the ladder,

I want to build a

thousand more." 

We want to break the access barriers within the industry. We need your help to do that.  

Help us continue to support actors

by providing high quality training

and promote better mental health awareness in the industry.

Selftapes and auditions

"Government funding for the arts is down 46% in real terms since 2005." - Musicians Union Uk

What we do...

We offer high quality, heart-led, Meisner based actor training with specialist coaches and retreats designed to be accessible as initial and ongoing training for actors serious about their craft and career.

Creativity flows through all of us but you shouldn't have to be privileged to work in the arts. The industry needs diverse voices. Help us in our work to change the status quo.

Why donate?...

Hi I'm Steph, I run Both Feet Actor Training. 


I have been offering actors scholarships and bursaries since I co-founded Both Feet in 2017 because I have a fire in my belly and heart that every actor should have access to bloody good training and opportunities no matter their story and background. I want our stages and screens to be made up of excellent actors who represent the real world we live in. 

In the last year my family and a couple of kind donors have contributed around £17,800 in scholarships and Pay What You Can places.


Sadly my family have come to a difficult position: the reality is, we can't afford to do it and we're at a point where we either stop offering them or I open myself up to ask for help from any of you who are able.


Currently I offer scholarships to almost every course and retreat I run which can cost me anything between £49-£1800 per person. 


With your donations we can help marginalised voices get access to top quality training.

Steph x


Both Feet Co-Founder, Stephanie Morgan

Both Feet Actors_edited.jpg

The Actors Wellbeing Study identified that 62% experienced financial stress as a regular

or constant issue.

The impact your donation can make...
Scholarships and discounts_edited_edited
"All Steph does is give, give, give and all you do is gain, gain gain. It is the most thrilling, expansive, integrated training I have experienced or heard of. I will be returning again and again as my career progresses. This has to be the BEST training around for actors working today."
Want to read Pauline's blog?  Click here.

Pauline Tomlin, Actor

Where your donations go...
Get involved!

Anything you can give can make a huge difference in helping financially insecure actors obtain high quality training and mental health support. 

In an industry built on privilege, help us readdress the balance.

Barbara Houseman  retreats
Audition and self tapes

"A-Listers make up about 0.0002% of SAG-AFTRA members."

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“Supporting the arts isn’t just about supporting arts industry workers, it’s also about supporting the cultural life of the country and the world”

- Jack Gamble

Both Feet Retreats blog

"Actor-training researcher Dr Susan Burgoyne (PhD) and her colleagues have highlighted some acting teachers’ lack of experience in recognising and promoting psychological wellbeing" - Stage Milk

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"At any one time, 70 – 90% of trained professionals are not working specifically as actors–this precarious lifestyle creates significant stress often resulting in various physical and psychological ailments such as high blood pressure, weight gain or loss, anxiety, depression" - Stage Milk

Need help? Apply for a scholarship...

Each scholarship is awarded on an application basis where we will select the submission based on circumstances and commitment to the training.


We only work with small class sizes and so each successful applicant is carefully chosen, so we ask that you only apply if you are in need of the financial help. 

All we ask in return is your commitment to the course dates, an openness to the training and that you write/film a blog at the end of the process to reflect on your experience.

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