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Who we are

We are a UK based actor training company and community that reaches every part of you, as an actor and a human. 

We use exercises based upon Meisner’s teachings to unlock your potential as an actor, but our classes are about much more than just learning the exercises.


Our training provides you with practical tools that you can translate to any acting job and you'll find that the technique lies comfortably with most other training you might have done - and will almost certainly enhance it. 


We don’t believe in ‘breaking you down’. Of course we will challenge you to be the best actor you can be, but in a safe, supportive environment where you can play, take risks and learn to trust yourself. ​ 


Designed to help build humans, not just characters. 

Our actor training retreats are the only training of its kind in the world.

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Stephanie Morgan


Co-Founder, creative director,

 and coach

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How it began...

Originally co-founded in 2016 Stephanie Morgan, Adam Stadius and Laura Lindsay created Both Feet to give people a new way of learning. They met several years prior whilst training with Scott Williams (The Impulse Company) where their shared passion for the Meisner technique united them.


The company has grown and evolved over time developing into the multi-pronged Meisner based regional training courses, stretch classes, actor training retreats, small groups, 1:1's and much, much more.

Both Feet is now lead by Steph who has been joined by Rae Bell, a rather excellent actor, writer and producer. 

Where we're going?

We have one small dream:

To be known as one of the best actor training providers in the world. 

We are ever evolving, reflecting and evaluating. So who knows what the iminent future holds but we will continue to do what we can to make our training accessible to as many as possible, to honour those in our community and continue to raise awareness in the industry of how important you are as actors. 

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Actor services, both feet.jpg

We value...


Human First, Actors Second

This is training that works from the inside out and touches every part of you and who you are.


The Meisner Technique infused with

neuro linguistics, neuroscience and the wild Welsh countryside is designed to help actors build self awareness, confidence and connection with themselves and therefore the work they create.

Our purpose is developing happy & healthy actors.



We will not compromise in our mission to make quality training accessible.

We do this in many ways...

  • Keep our prices as low as we can

  • Offer Scholarships for those we need

  • Offer payment plans

  • We have an open door policy

  • You will be met where you are with the body and brain that you have.


Connection & Community

Both Feet is a community, a family who opens and embraces, who cares.


We are a community of humans who are able to care for ourselves (really important) whilst also being able to care for each other.

A community where ego isn't harmful.

And where love overpowers envy.



We would rather not train than

compromise on the quality of training.


We are incredibly proud of our courses.

We keep class sizes small and are partnered with world class industry experts to bring actors tailored, heart felt, essential continued training.

Past & present industry guests

Andy Start - Film Producer.png

Andy Start

Film Producer

Anthony Williams

Keddie Scott Associates/

UK Productions

Barbara Gibbons voice coach.png

Barbara Houseman

Voice coach & author

of "Finding Your Voice"

Kash Arshad Kay Theatre Director.png

Kash Arshad-Kay

Theatre Director

Freedom Studios

Matthew Dudley Fitzmaurice practioner.png

Matthew Dudley

Fitzmaurice practitioner

Nicci Topping



Nicole Barber Lane Hollyoaks.png

Nicole Barber-Lane

Longstanding Hollyoaks


Patricia Suarrez movement coach.png

Patricia Suarez

Movement Coach

Pippa Anderson.png

Pippa Anderson

Voice Coach

Scott Williams Impulse Theatre Company.png

Scott Williams

Impulse Theatre Company

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