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Dr Henrie Lidiard Enneagram for actors makers and writers

Dr Henrie Lidiard

B.Sc., Ph.D., INLPTA NLP Master Trainer, Riso/Hudson Accredited Enneagram Trainer, mBIT Master Coach & Trainer

Henrie works as an innovative coach and trainer and her passion is helping people to discover their innate depth and potential in a way that enriches their lives at work and beyond.

She began her career as a successful research scientist, and became fascinated by how people learn, work together and evolve. Having changed fields, she now has more than 20 years experience delivering powerful self-awareness, and personal development programmes to professionals within widely differing contexts.

In 2000 she sought out the renowned Enneagram teachers Don Riso and Russ Hudson, and began her training with them in 2001.  Finding the Enneagram to be the most profound doorway to self awareness, personal evolution and fulfilment, she later committed to the rigorous trainer accreditation programme and was delighted to be awarded her Accredited Enneagram Trainer status, with Honours in 2013.  (A certification she values even more highly than her Ph.D.)  ​

She is also an mBIT Master Coach and Trainer, and loves introducing people to the neuroscience behind their gut feelings and intuitive knowing, so that they can rediscover and trust their embodied intelligences. 

She has also been teaching and innovating in the field of Neurolinguistic Programming since 1999. In 2004 she qualified as one of only a handful of INLPTA NLP Master Trainers in the UK. She has co-trained with Dr Wyatt Woodsmall (the founder of INLPTA) on more than 14 International NLP Trainer Trainings. She has also researched the efficacy of NLP in health care (palliative care/MRI Radiography), and in mental health. 

Her coaching and training are supported by the ongoing study and personal practice of the cognitive, emotional and somatic tools she teaches. She has been a student in the Ridhwan School since 2010, is happily married, lives in West Yorkshire, dabbles in stained glass, and is owned by a cat. 

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