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Actor Training Courses

You do not have to suffer for your art in order to be superb at what you do. 

We genuinely care

Both Feet Steph Morgan training.png

Why train with us?  I say "us" because Both Feet is a community, it's bigger than me.  I train each and every actor that comes through our Foundations programme, I deeply care for every single one of them. Our journey together is personal, human first, actor second. 


So many actors are feeling lost, unheard, stuck, undervalued and disposable. 


I am on a mission to help actors carve out a different way - one that is kind, joyful and respectful.

If you're serious about your craft and your career and you want to breathe life into your work (and yourself) then read on. 

I'm Steph, I'm a coach, director, Meisner specialist, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner and Multiple Brain Integration Techniques Master Coach (where neuroscience is backing up ancient wisdoms). I care. About you, our work together and this industry. 

Together we will work with your whole self, from the inside out, then you can be the actor you want to be and know you can be.

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