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Bodlondeb Accountability

To help you stay focused, kind, inspired and connected.

You are not on your own

When: 7-8am / 7-8pm every Monday 

Where: On Zoom - you can do it from your bed, your sofa, your office.

Each week will have a theme or specific content. 

Our hour could include (and certainly not limited to)…
🔥Values work
🔥Intention setting
🔥Balanced Breathing
🔥Space for reflection, intention setting, talking & listening 
🔥Guided enquiries
🔥Free writing
🔥mBIT - head, heart, gut alignment
🔥Connecting with sense of purpose
🔥Guided plan making
🔥Movement / 5 Rhythms
​🔥Meditation / mindful guide throughs

Who else will run the sessions?

If Steph can’t be there one week because she’s running a retreat, fear not, we’ve got a selection of exceptional humans who have worked with Steph at the studio who are ready to step in and hold space for you. 

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