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Bodlondeb Accountability

To help you stay focused, kind, inspired and connected.

What is an accountability programme?

To put it simply:  We are passionate about helping actors maintain and balance their mental health.  This programme is complimentary to actor training.  This is an ongoing group programme that offers you weekly sessions via zoom with Steph and other carefully selected leaders to help you stay focused, kind, inspired and connected - to yourself and each other. As humans, we are neuroplastic - our neural networks are able to adapt, reorganise and change.

Yes, everything we have learnt can be unlearnt, so there is hope!


There is no commitment so you can give it a try and leave, whenever you like.  You don't even need to attend every week but just whenever you want or need to and you get your first seven days free.


If you want to do things differently, these are the steps:


This programme has been carefully designed to hold space for you to work through each of the above steps so you can be the person you want to be. 

For those of you who have been on a retreat here at Bodlondeb this will be strengthening, reinforcing and reinvigorating the neural pathways we’ve already been changing. 

Each week’s session can stand alone (so no pressure to be there every week) and will simultaneously offer you structure, consistency and variation. ​

Bodlondeb Accountability Programme
Member Benefits?
How do you sign up?
Sign up via the box below, receive a welcome email with a link.  You will also receive a reminder email every week that will inform you of the weeks topic.  You can join the zoom session with the link in any of the emails you've received from us and after the session you'll receive a play back link for that session that is live for five days.  Designed for you.

When: 7-8am every Monday morning

Where: On Zoom - you can do it from your bed, your sofa, your office, listen in if you’re driving. If you can log on, you can join us. 

Each week will have a theme or specific content which you will know in advance. 

Our hour could include (and certainly not limited to)…
🔥Values work
🔥Intention setting
🔥Balanced Breathing
🔥Space for reflection, intention setting, talking & listening 
🔥Guided enquiries
🔥Free writing
🔥mBIT - head, heart, gut alignment
🔥Connecting with sense of purpose
🔥Guided plan making
🔥Movement / 5 Rhythms
​🔥Meditation / mindful guide throughs

Who else will run the sessions?

If Steph can’t be there one week because she’s running a retreat, fear not, we’ve got a selection of exceptional humans who have worked with Steph at the studio who are ready to step in and hold space for you. 

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