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Both Feet Headshots

What makes our headshot days special?

Headshots are your calling card.  We started this service in partnership with Shift Focus Photography because we spoke to actors who loved their headshots but didn't actually feel they reflected who they truly were. Often this was because the headshots were being taken by people they didn't know or feel comfortable around. Steph already knows you, your castings, your default castings and your full range of possibilities which means she can coach you from getting ready to choosing your final shots. 

How it works...

We run these sessions to suit the Both Feet Community. Get in touch and let us know you want some and we'll work out a date for you and others and then build it into a Stretch day, it's own thing or as part of retreat.

We try and make our headshots as affordable and accessible as possible so before you book in for an expensive solo session with somebody you don't know, why not combine it with your ongoing training, get coaching from somebody who actually knows you in a space you feel comfortable in whilst enjoying a relaxed environment.

What you get

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