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Lydia Williams Shares her Both Feet Scholarship Experience

We're very lucky to be in the position where we get to occasionally give people scholarship places. This is a blog where Lydia Williams shares her Both Feet Actor Training scholarship experience.

After winning a scholarship for 'finding you inner voice' with the marvellous Barbara Houseman. I have gained so much from this the retreat. It has taught me about my body as apparatus, how to use my breath and posture to help me be fully present and self aware on stage and off.

Invaluable techniques, exercises and tips that serve to help actors be in the now moment in every moment, undoing unhelpful and unconscious habits in a nurturing non judgemental way.

If it wasn't for the scholarship scheme I wouldn't have been able to attend, that being said I had for the most part forgot that I was on a scholarship as I felt completely and utterly part of the team.

Both feet scholarships are in no way tokenistic, they really help level out playing field and give a chance to the marginalised, allowing people from different socio economic backgrounds to hone thier craft, meet peers and teachers that otherwise might be/Or feel out of bounds.

I would recommend this opportunity to any actors who feel excluded due finances.

Offers like this are just to rare and precious to pass by.

I'm sure in the future I will attend further retreats as a paying participant.

And i will happily do so safe in the knowledge that Both feet retreats are of the highest quality and the facilitators are genuine, nurturing and of the highest integrity.

*Side note...please feel free to make any grammatical corrections (I dint go school!)

​Lydia Williams x

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