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WARNING: know your rights

Updated: Nov 2

Read this and follow the link to make sure you're confident with your rights as an actor or SA. Many of you won't do it until the problem arises and then it'll probably be too late so make some space in your day and get familiar with it now. It's too important not to.

Performers are having their image, voice or likeness reproduced by others, using AI technology, without their consent.

"If any production company wants to body scan you on a job, you can (and should) say no.

More and more productions are scanning performers, especially supporting artists prior to shooting. This is to give them the ability to digitally simulate and insert you at a later stage, without further payment.

If you are asked to do this, please refuse and call your local equity organiser - you may lose a day’s pay, but you could lose a lot more in the long term if they do. It’s too late to close the gate once the horse has bolted." - posted by Hywel Morgan.

Below are a few snippets from the Equity website but please make sure it explore it all fully yourself.

The law protects your face, your voice and your likeness as protected sensitive personal data because they each can identify you personally. As the data subject, the law grants you a right to consent to the collecting and processing of your personal data, and a right to request your personal data be erased from records held by others.

The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has grown rapidly across the entertainment industry in recent years, from automated audiobooks and voice assistants to deep fake videos and text to speech tools. But UK law has failed to keep pace and this is leading to performers being exploited.

As a union, Equity are fighting to change that. Their campaign aims to get the government to recognise the threat posed by AI, update the law, and to get industry leaders onside so that artists can feel safe in the knowledge that their intellectual property is protected.

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