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Intro to Meisner Retreat Reflections

A couple of weeks ago a glorious group of 10 actors from all walks of life left Bodlondeb Studio & Retreat after being completely immersed in their craft and themselves for 12 days.

Throughout their time here everyone sends me reflections at the end of most days. I thought I'd pool together one person's journey for the fun of it - it was fascinating.

This training isn't easy but but goodness it's worth it.

Day 1: Today was a blessing to actively listen and be heard. So much self reflection and realisation to help me get some/more balance in my life. Lots of things to work on! 🐻

Day 2: today I’ve learned to be more kind to myself, challenge myself and how to connect to my heart through movement. ❤️

Day 3: today started beautiful for me and then I went on a rollercoaster. Self doubt, frustration, confusion and then I brought myself into a better space. Then the rollercoaster started again. I felt people’s pain, confusion, happiness and energy in my heart today. It was a lot. 🌈❤️

Day 4: fabulous day and I felt like I learned so much. My heart and soul is full in a good way ❤️

Day 6: today has been my best day yet, I felt at peace with the process and with my self doubt. I learnt to keep it simple, honest and to believe in myself more ❤️

Day 7: today was wonderful! I felt honest, invested and proud! Proud of not only myself but everyone! A beautiful day, a beautiful experience and a beautiful process ❤️ I feel I’ve found myself again! ❤️

Day 8: Today was another great day! The swim set me up for the day and then the 5 rhythms was once again enlightening and different. Loved the script work and I’m learning to not beat myself up for hitting any hurdles/challenges. Good day and tired 😴

Day 9: has been wonderful! I feel proud and I feel excited to have learned a new way of doing script analysis ❤️

Day 10: the last day/ night such a beautiful experience, it summed up the whole week, connection, love and breathing. And the food was great too! ❤️

If you're in need of growing your confidence, reconnecting with your craft, reminding yourself of the joy that sits within you and your work then make sure you snap up a place on the next Intro to Meisner Retreat before it's fully booked again! Word is spreading.

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