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How to ensure you’re noticed, remembered and taken seriously..

We’ve all had those interactions with people where you bump into somebody that you’ve sent things to and reminded them you’ve sent them something and they say they’ll look for it but you never hear back from them. Have you ever considered that they may have really thought you were great but then just… couldn’t find you in their inbox, on social media or otherwise? Below are some really simple but commonly mishandled things to help you remain visible and easily findable.

1. Make sure your email address and social media handles are your full name.

For example: lola_mojtibavi_actor@***.com instead of goddessofrain@***.com

This isn’t always easy but the clearer you can make your first and last name, the easier it is for people to find you in their inbox and on their social media.

2. Make sure you have an E-mail signature strip with your name and contact details on it. This should include links to your spotlight or agents if you have them.

You are a business of your own making and the easier you make it for people to see you, what you can do and get in touch, the better it’ll be for you.

3. Create your own Youtube channel and load up your show reel to it.

You can have it set so only people with the link can view it but it means you can directly send it to anyone you want to.

People have short attention spans and the easier you make it for people, the more they like you by the time they click “play”. It may not seem like a big thing but it can make a big difference to them and to you.

4. Think about getting a digital business card instead of standard business cards (which people always forget to carry).

It’s a physical card or key swab that contains all your contact details that you just tap on a persons phone and they have all your details and links.

This example is from Mobilocard and not and ad - Other card providers are available

5. Title your documents with easy to find titles.

Why does it matter? Well, imagine this… You send somebody something and they like it so they save it. Later on they have a project and remember what you sent them but they can’t remember your name so they try some random search subjects and then… just give in. Don’t miss out on an opportunity over something so silly.


Eg. CV – Lola Mojtibavi – Actor – 140323

That way, even if they search “actor” in their inbox on the search box of your computer, you’ll appear in the list. Sometimes just by reading a name they’ll remember the person behind the file.

6. Record a personal voicemail message. It’s professional and simple.

This is something that not only humanises the person they’re trying to reach and gives them a taste of who you are but it’s a standard professional norm.

7. If possible with your mobile phone provider, switch on visual voicemail.

It’ll help you prioritise who you need to get back to sooner rather than ignoring all your voicemails because you don’t want to have to listen to them all.

It may cost an extra quid or two a month but if you can afford it and if your carrier does this, it’s really worth it.

8. Make yourself a website or a linktree.

Doesn’t have to be too flash and even a free one page website using a template provider like Wix or square space can help to get your name and image out there more.

Tip: When uploading photos – make sure to title each of your photos before you upload them, it’ll help SEO (search engine optimisation).

Title them with things like: name actor uk or name actor Scottish or name actor horse riding or whatever target phrases you want to come up when people are searching on the internet.

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