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Allwch chi ddarllen hwn?

Are you a Welsh speaking actor? Fancy saving on training?

Hello, I'm Steph and I live in North Wales near Corwen.

I run Both Feet Actor Training and Bodlondeb Studio & Retreat and am a director, maker and coach among many identities I hold within me.

My husband is half Welsh and went to school in North Wales and his mum (Nain) is from Ruthin and I used to come to North Wales as a child with my mum so we are very happily embedded here.

In a bid to connect deeper with this beautiful place and to support Welsh talent in the future I would like to offer Welsh speaking actors 25% off any course I run over the next 6 months.

I've been on a real journey with language over the last few years and am excited how to bring it into some projects I have in the pipeline. It matters to me to be investing into the place I now call home, a place where my friends are Welsh and my mancubs have just started in a Welsh school. I don't yet speak Welsh but as soon as I have space in my head to learn, I will be.

A bit about my training:

I train actors using the combination of the Meisner Technique, the great outdoors, Neuro Linguistic Programming, mBraining (neuroscience backs up ancient wisdoms) and my experience as a coach, a director, doer and dreamer.

I use the outdoors where I can to help people connect deeper with themselves, each other and their craft whether that's wild swimming, walking, stand up paddle boarding, camping, jumping off 40ft cliffs into canyons or the Irish Sea.

I have a dream that actors no longer suffer for their art. That they can know themselves deeply enough to be stable, easy and safe in who they are so that they can go to the extraordinary without losing their way. And with this change comes respect for the craft and the profession from the inside out so theatre can do what it does best: move people deeply.

Both Feet is a community with process and growth at its heart - will you come and grow with us?

​How to get the discount

Simply email me and introduce yourself with any links you may have and I'll give you a code to book on.

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