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Reflections from the Enneagram Retreat

Last month a group of actors, writers & makers left Bodlondeb Studio & Retreat after completing the 9 day Enneagram Retreat: Understanding Your Mind.

Dr. Henrie Lidiard used the Enneagram as a way in to explore the very essence of who we are, what we're born with and what pulls us away from it. We saw ourselves, on paper, in a way we never thought possible. We discovered that as we become less present as individuals, the more our autopilot takes us down really unhelpful paths.

We learnt what it really was to be present. We saw it, felt it, heard it.

We also learnt about the people we love, we saw them on paper too, in a way we never thought possible. We saw how our autopilot meets theirs.

Whilst I was co-running the actor, writer & maker side of the retreat and heading up the running of it, I was also a student of the material, part of the group, participating in the enquiries, taking notes, being blown away. I have been struggling to articulate our time together so I'll look at how things have been different since, without me actively doing anything.

The way I've been doing the admin side of the business has been easier, calmer, more spacious, different. In fact, not just work, me generally.

My relationship with my husband has completely altered. We're more together than ever before, it's kind, patient, sturdy, curious. It's bloody lovely. Really, there are no words.

There's something more gentle about my relationship with myself too, which I'm thoroughly enjoying.

Below are some of the group's final reflections from our 9 days together...

Phwoar. I have gained... Knowledge. Power. Kindness. Understanding.

Compassion for myself & others. Ridiculous & beautiful memories of learning, resisting, surrendering, swimming, sledging, laughing & learning & crying & laughing. An ability to step into my own presence & to find myself in other people’s types during my work.

SO much ☺ I have a new confidence in myself on a more compassionate level.

An understanding of why & how I act & react. A thorough, in depth understanding of how the Enneagram works and how to use it to understand myself and others not just with my craft but life THE POWER of presence. The joy of embracing my inner child and taking risks!

This course has without a doubt changed my life.

Understanding myself & others around me has created a shift in not only my craft but in life. Being gently coaxed out of my comfort zone has enabled me to see other parts of myself that bring so much joy and magic. – I want to take more risks & value the importance of presence more than ever. ☺

I have gained an expansive heart!

So much gratitude and such a fresh perspective of the people around me, my current & past relationships, so much hope for the future me and genuine compassion for the people around me that I am yet to meet and so unexpectedly, for me. The ability to find presence and to ground myself and an awareness of just how much I want to put into my everyday life. A soft and gentle trust in myself that is so warm.

I almost talked myself out of this retreat. God, I’m glad I didn’t.

Every time I come to Bodlondeb & carve out time for myself, I learn so much. I grow so much. I see cracks of light that I am able to bathe in with more & more compassion & kindness. The penny drop moment of seeing myself on paper was only the beginning – not putting me in a box, but lifting the lid on the box I’m already in. This place & this work changed my life – Without a shadow of a doubt.

We're coming together as a group later this year to continue and deepen the learning for we have only scratched the surface.

Join us next year, you'd be daft not to.

Steph x


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