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How your support makes the acting world a better place ❤

We believe that our stages and screens should be made up of excellent actors who represent the real world we live in.

And that needs you, too.

You’ve found your way to this blog post because you want the acting world to be a better place.

Perhaps you know how difficult it is for people from various backgrounds to get into the industry.

Or maybe you’re someone who has experienced it for themselves and want to lighten the journey for others.

However you’ve ended up here, we know that you value access to actor training for all, just as much as we do.

That’s why we offer full and half scholarships for financially insecure actors to access actor training and mental health support.

Every gift, no matter how big or small, will go a huge way in providing high-quality training for actors from marginalised backgrounds.

We want to provide at least one scholarship place of every single class and retreat we run. Last year Steph and her family covered £17,800 worth of scholarship places and Pay What You Can places on high-quality actor training classes. But she now needs your help so she can continue to provide this kind of support.

Your gift means that these incredible actors who need that extra financial support will have access to:

  • High-quality tutors with industry experience

  • Mental health support to help train happier, healthier actors

  • A community that will have their backs

Our training really does change lives.

A group pf actors of various ages and ethnicities posing for a selfie outdoors. Behind them is a blue and cloudy sky.
"Both Feet scholarships are in no way tokenistic, they really help level out playing field and give a chance to the marginalised, allowing people from different socio economic backgrounds to hone thier craft, meet peers and teachers that otherwise might be/Or feel out of bounds.
I would recommend this opportunity to any actors who feel excluded due finances. Offers like this are just to rare and precious to pass by."

- Lydia Williams, writer and actor - Scholarship recipient 2022

Every donation - whether £1 or £1000, one-off or a regular gift - will mean that we can offer more training opportunities to actors who need it most.

Together we can address the imbalances in our industry, empower actors from all backgrounds to tell stories with honesty, and create an artistic landscape that serves us all, no matter our background or stories.

Your support means the world!

Thank you.

A group of actors wearing wet suits posing for a selfie together.

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