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What is Both Feet Actor Training?

Human First, Actor Second

What do think of when you think of actor training?...

Running free in the vast open countryside?

Paddle boarding on mountain rivers and streams?

Baking bread on hill side campfires?

Our An Actor Connects: The Meisner Intensive Retreat is the only training of its kind in the world and we’re incredibly proud of that.

At Both Feet Actor Training we think differently.

We feel it should be Human first, actor second.

We integrate traditional Meisner training with neurolinguistics programming and mBit Master coaching to help you feel whole within your body in order to empower you to connect more deeply with yourself, others and characters.

We show you how to fall and know it’s ok.

We teach you that you don’t have to suffer for your art.

We help you to remember what it is feel whole, feel safe, feel free.

We give you the tools to take into any audition, performance or human scenario and feel in control.

We remind you how to love yourself as much as you love your craft.

Bring clarity and depth to every audition, every rehearsal & every performance.

Listening, trusting, leaning into the fear and jumping are all phrases you’ll be familiar with.

This retreat is an opportunity to come to rural Wales to reflect, fully embody, appreciate and reconnect with yourself, your craft and each other whilst breathing in the fresh country air, having a huge amount of fun and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.

You’ll learn what’s underneath the programmed behaviors you’ve developed over your lifetime so you can be available to live truthfully under any given circumstances of any character, of any story.

We’ll explore what it is to listen fully and openly. To be instinctive and impulsive. To be honest. In that exploration, we’ll look at what gets in your way. We’ll hold a mirror up so you can get to know your tool deeply and how to use it creatively, safely and purposefully. The Meisner Technique is the best way I know how to do this.

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