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We're pretty bummed out but...

So, if you've trained with me, you'll know how much I value honesty in all I do... I wanted to tell you a little bit about some stuff going on behind the scenes at Both Feet.

A couple of months ago we applied for some funding to pilot a programme that subsidised our training for Actors - we wanted to make the training available to as many people as possible.

Unfortunately we haven't been successful with this funding grant and honestly I'm feeling pretty bummed out. So, I've had a chat with Rae and looked at how we still still honour some of what our application represented. We have decided to offer a significant discount on as many of the upcoming retreats that we're able to.

So for the rest of April you can get yourselves booked onto the below intensive actor training retreats at a lower price. We hope that this helps those of you who need some extra support to start your training with us. 

The retreats included are:

As always, payment plans are available on ALL of our retreats. 

We will always do what we can to work with your financial needs to create a way to get you to Bodlondeb!

What is included in the price:

  • All training/studio sessions

  • Comfy accommodation 

  • All outdoor activities (including outdoor swimming, walks & stand up paddle-boarding)

  • Your first evening meal and breakfast

  • Access to all wellness equipment (including Shakti Mats & evening Yoga Studio)

Get booked in for a free/no-obligation chat if you want to a find out a bit more before booking.

You can also drop Rae an email with any questions if this is more comfortable:

We can't wait to work with you!

Steph x

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