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What is the “From Stage to Screen Retreat”?

Let us demystify the complex world of

screen acting and

open up your

acting world.

The Stage to Screen Retreat simply put is designed to help you transfer your skills from the stage to on screen BUT it goes deeper than that.

They are very different art forms utilising your different skills. For example, if you trained predominantly in theatrical acting or even if you’ve taken part in smaller scale filming, the transition to larger productions with dozens of additional people who have specific jobs can be intimidating and even distracting to your performance.

Understanding is a powerful tool and with understanding, you can find the comfort to allow everything going on around you to simply wash over you without rocking your footing.

This course will demystify the world of screen acting allowing you to focus on what you do best whilst feeling safe and stable on set.

During the retreat, you’ll learn a basic understanding of cameras / lenses and the reasoning behind decisions to use different types. For example, when a director of photography chooses a specific angle to heighten a feeling, mood or character persona.

Working with script. Theatrical scripts are a different beast containing different information and including multiple intercut sequences. Steph will help you unravel filming scripts and approach them with understanding and confidence.

Continuity - How to understand what matters without compromising performance.

Finding the ease in front of the camera when performing highly emotional work take after take whilst maintaining performance level, comfort and control.

Play back analysis - what works and doesn't work and why? In theatre, often there is no opportunity to analyse your own work from an alternate perspective. Filming has the unique benefit of “playback” and learning how to quickly watch playback on a busy monitor surrounded by others can be of great benefit.

The difference between theatre acting and camera acting doesn't have to be hard or complicated and we’re here to provide a space for you to discover that for yourselves.

Want to be an editors dream and the script supervisors favourite person?

Trust yourself to have the skills and flexibility to adapt and pay attention to what's needed. Everyone is there to help you look good and to tell a compelling story whilst you're there simply to show up and live truthfully under your given circumstances.

Most of the common pitfalls and challenges when working on camera can be removed with a little bit of practice and familiarity and ideally you do some of that before you get the job. None of us know what we need to know until we’re told we need to know it. So, let us help you figure out what you may need to know to help you walk on to new sets feeling secure.

During the course you will have the opportunity to work with a camera and see how your performance comes across first hand. You will gain valuable feedback, and be able to reflect on and refine your technique.

Want to come and open up your acting world?

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