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Both Feet headshots and show reels

Headshots and Showreels

A service for the Both Feet Community


Headshots are your calling card.  We started this service because we spoke to actors who loved their headshots but didn't actually feel they reflected who they truly were. Often this was because the headshots were being taken by people they didn't know or feel comfortable around.  We already know you, your castings, your default castings and your full range of possibilities which means we can push you to be simple yet bold and brave.
For headshots we work in partnership with Shift Focus photography.  A leading provider of photography and video solutions.  Together we capture headshots
that not only show what you look like but truly reflect the depths of who you are.

Show reels are often your introduction to agents, casting directors and directors, you need them to show everything you can do.

A common problem a lot of actors face is that the footage on their show reels doesn't fully reflect their range or stretch their casting bracket.  We've tackled that problem for you by creating a tailored show reel retreat.  This retreat is designed to allow you to show your true and current range.


We've teamed up with filming professionals (specialist camera operator, director of photography / Lighting cameraman and drone pilot) to give you a two camera experience, your other retreat attendees act as scene partners and we can film inside and out utilising multiple real life locations to give you high quality scenes to seemly blend in with the rest of your reel.  Together we capture scenes that you just can't get alone.

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